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“There is no such thing as
a sustainable silver bullet:
but virtual events come
very close”

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VIRTUAL EVENTS  are revolutionizing the way people meet and engage. They support event professionals to run more frequent, more profitable and less risky events. For planners the potential is huge.

VIRTUAL EVENTS  can play a significant and positive role in halting the climate crisis. Virtual events can be much more sustainably than most physical events. They are the events we have to run now: but they are also the events of the future.

VIRTUAL EVENTS  are supported by a very different ecosystem to physical events. New relationships with stakeholders and suppliers will develop as we make the full transfer to digital.
Online Courses

Tailored online training courses for virtual events. We teach proven concepts and strategies to help organizers plan impactful and profitable virtual events.

Creating High Impact Virtual Events

This course is designed to help you deliver high impact events that can generate revenue by creating high-value content, connections and coverage.


The Content Pillar

The number one issue that event organisers have with virtual events is creating content that engages attendees.

The Content Pillar online course will place content at the very heart of your virtual events.


Download all of our powerful templates to amplify and accelerate your virtual event planning

questions for a virtual event platform
**BONUS: NOW MORE THAN 100 QUESTIONS**Covers all the most important areas when selecting a virtual event platform
The mini lowdown on three brilliant affordable virtual event platforms
virtual event value proposition
Knowing what is in it for all of your stakeholders is the key to success for any event
Hybrid event sponsorship
A great place to start when looking at creating your hybrid event sponsorship
Get started with pricing your virtual events
Put the right pricing strategy in place.
Get started with planning your virtual event
Bring your event to life.

William Thomson

Your Virtual Event Campus Head Coach

I ran my first virtual event almost fifteen years ago and my first paperless event the same year. As a Meeting Designer, and past Curator of Europe’s first Event Technology event, I work at the cutting edge of events.

I have built up a vast knowledge of the business of events and a contact list of some of the most influential events professionals on the planet.

I am Managing Director of Gallus Events, an event consultancy and I also run Europe’s largest online training business for personal assistants Practically Perfect PA.

Spreading my knowledge and experience is what drives me as an event professional and right now there is no area more important than the world of virtual events.

I set up the Virtual Event Campus to help everyone make the most of the time they spend at a virtual event.

Thinks we like

A very different ecosystem supports virtual events compared to physical events. Here are some of the stakeholders and suppliers, helping event professionals and planners make the most of the jump to digital.

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