What to Consider for Your First Online Event?

It can be intimidating to host your first online event. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when organising and developing a virtual event.

1. Are you going to use it to make revenue, or are you going to use it to generate leads (which will eventually lead to revenue)? Is it possible for it to be both? Is it your intention to strengthen your standing as a thought leader?

2. The next aspect of your revenue generating is pricing. I’m not simply asking if you’ll charge or not, but to look at this in much more detail.

So, if you are charging, what price do you change for someone who has booked to attend your physical event? What price should you charge now for your online event? Are you offering a different price for groups, and do you have a price for company wide access? Or do you simply bundle this content into a subscription model?

You’ll need a price matrix, and you should spend some time making sure you get it properly. We have a PDF that you can download for free that covers this: https://virtual-event-campus.ck.page/ticket-pricing-download

3. Exactly what will you be able to achieve ‘successfully’ in the time period you have?

If you have more than a few weeks you are likely to be able to recreate and deliver more of the physical event online. If you have less time, this might well lead to less of the event going online. So look at what you can do successfully and not bite off more than you can stream! To help you organise your event, we have a downloadable roadmap: https://virtual-event-campus.ck.page/event-roadmap

4. What are you going to offer as an online product?

Will you strive to recreate your physical event as closely as possible, or will you just host the content with some moderated Q&A? There are a variety of options available. All of this is possible: you can establish a digital exhibition, you can hold 1.2.1 meetings, and so on. Is it, nevertheless, appropriate for you? Check out our list of 101 questions to ask your event provider to make sure you pick the right one for you.

This is a big decision for you to take, and there are options. Again, the five options video we posted will help you decided on what is best for you and recommend a few platforms.

To assist more event organisers in going online, we’ve created a virtual event course that teaches them how to successfully move their events online. It is presently on sale for half price till the end of February. Become a virtual event expert right now! Enrol here.