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Your virtual events business, including your hybrid events, can create as much impact as your physical events. I will show you how with our virtual events course.


Creating High Impact Virtual Events

virtual events online course

This is the most detailed and in-depth virtual events online course. The course is constantly updated and includes an expanded Hybrid Events Module for Q4 2021.

You are here because you believe that virtual events must create impact. They must be engaging. And they must help you achieve your objectives.

I have designed this course to ensure that you focus on how to deliver high impact events that can generate revenue by creating high-value content, connections and coverage.

virtual events online course


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virtual events online course


  • All video content
  • All templates and supporting documentation


  • All video content
  • All templates and supporting documentation
  • Community group


  • All video content
  • All templates and supporting documentation
  • Community group
  • Take part in live Q&A webinars on each phase
  • Three x 1hr calls with William Thomson

Lead the digital events revolution

Creating High Impact Virtual Events is made up of 14 detailed training modules. All course materials include videos, transcripts, articles, templates and more. All within our dedicated online student portal.

virtual events online course

Every successful virtual event is built on a strong foundation. How you decide to earn revenue from your virtual events will be the key to your success.

This opening module will clarify and cover all the virtual event models that are open to event professionals.

  • An introduction to virtual events – a world beyond webinars
  • An introduction to hybrid events (physical and virtual)
  • The shibboleth of virtual events
  • The keys to successful virtual events
  • Different types of virtual events, including dinners, awards, fundraising events, conferences and exhibitions
  • An outline of the five virtual business event options
  • Business models/options – which one is right for you? And to mix or not to mix
    • Pay to attend
    • Pay as part of subscription/membership
    • Paid for by sponsors/exhibitors
    • Free to attend

Hybrid events combine a physical audience and a virtual audience. ***NEWLY EXPANDED FOR 2022***

Although every module covers hybrid events, this module will give a detailed overview of the most important aspects of running hybrid events.

  • Unleashing the power of hybrid
  • Understanding the importance of blending not separating the audience
  • The pricing approach to hybrid events
  • The commercial offering
  • The onstage tech plus tips, tricks and techniques to make this work
  • The backstage tech
  • The hub model for virtual events

Successful virtual events will move away from the one-time explosion of content, coverage and connections towards a 365 module.

We will show you what is necessary to take this leap of faith in the content you have created to master the virtual world.

  • Evergreen – the options for your virtual events
  • How to maximise the revenue from your virtual assets
  • How to increase the use of your virtual assets
  • The six sure-fire ways to extend the life expectancy of your digital event
  • The secrets behind continual revenue generation

There is no one size fits all approach to virtual events and we can build a framework for success.

In this module, you will create an effective framework for your online events business

  • Design KPIs and event objectives for different types of online events
  • Align event objectives to organizational objectives
  • Create event timelines and project plans
  • Pricing your virtual events with confidence
  • Pricing your commercial partner involvement with confidence
  • The pricing matrix
  • The importance of data and metrics

Maximise the impact of your virtual events and enhance your profit by designing your events for digital delivery.

In this module, you will learn how to create your virtual events for a virtual audience.

  • An introduction to the Three Pillars of a Successful Virtual Event (content, connections and coverage)
  • Designing your virtual event road map
  • Designing a full virtual event overview
  • Developing and deciding areas to cover in your virtual event
  • Developing and deciding areas to cover in your physical event

One of the most important decisions you will make will be the destination platform you choose for your virtual event.

In this module, you will discover the role of the destination platform in your virtual event and how to choose the right one. The key to successful virtual events is choosing the destination platform that works for all your stakeholders.

  • Benchmarking and cutting through the platform noise
  • Understanding the basic differences between platforms
  • How to review and assess destination platforms
  • What to pay
  • How to choose the right platform/s
  • Take part in test events on the leading platforms

To deliver a successful virtual event, you are going to need several platforms or apps. Your tech stack choices are key. But where do you start?

In this module, you will discover how all the tech fits together. You will have a 60,000 feet view of the tech stack needed to deliver an event. Having this overview is absolutely crucial to delivering impactful virtual events.

  • An introduction to the virtual tech stack
  • An overview of the different types of tech platforms needed to deliver a virtual event
  • The options for finding tech support
  • The different roles needed to deliver virtual events (crucial when assessing the skills in your current event team)
  • Review platforms/technologies for broadcast and recording
  • Review platforms/technologies for editing and hosting
  • Review platforms/technologies for interaction

It is the content delivered at your virtual event that is likely to define your virtual event. Having a hybrid element can complicate content delivery, so we have to crack the content.

In this module, you will learn how to design content that truly engages your virtual audience.

  • Overview of what makes virtual content work
  • The difference between interaction and engagement
  • How to overcome “digital fatigue.”
  • Deciding on session length
  • Pros and cons of Live, Semi Live, Pre Recorded
  • An introduction to texturisation and meeting design

Have you seen our dedicated training course for those specifically interested in best practice delivery of content?


Understanding how to create valuable connections will be a cornerstone of your virtual events.

In this module, you will find strategies for creating crucial connections at your virtual events.

  • The role of networking and how to enhance this in the virtual world
  • The importance of peer to peer exchange and to build this into your virtual event
  • How to move towards the 365 connections module
  • How to develop more meaningful connections for attendees
  • How to develop more meaningful connections for your commercial partners

Virtual events can deliver exceptional coverage for your commercial partners.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to break down your proposals to reflect a virtual world by highlighting:
    • Thought leadership
    • Brand awareness, and
    • Face to face
  • How to create a powerful value proposition for your commercial partners
  • Go WAY beyond the virtual booth
  • How to see your virtual events as part of a campaign

You can not do this alone. And onboarding your stakeholders is a crucial step.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Write, tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for all speakers
  • Write, tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Write, tailor and prepare guidance and guidelines for attendees
  • Ensure everyone understands your platforms/technologies for interaction
  • Learn how to onboard other events professionals in your team

We have to move WAY beyond just pointing a camera at a speaker. Virtual events have to be SUPER engaging.

In this module, you will learn how best to ensure:

  • That hybrid really works for both your audiences
  • Effective moderation
  • Effective hosting
  • You choose the right length of event
  • You choose the optimum length of sessions

The best virtual events will offer interaction.

In this module, you will understand:

  • Why interaction has to be an option for your attendees
  • The role of the social sidekick
  • How to create the best possible pre-event interaction
  • How to create incredible interaction during your event
  • The value of meaningful interaction post-event

You can’t rely on the old methods to advertise and promote your virtual event.

In this module, you will discover the new rules for your virtual marketing, including:

  • How to map your new virtual event market
  • The best ways to promote/market your virtual event
  • How to write supporting communicating & messaging that cut through the virtual noise
  • Understanding the power of the affiliate
  • How to use discount strategies
  • What content and connections to create to push your virtual event


The Creating High Impact Virtual Events Online Course features leading event professionals and event technology CEOs.

Toby Lewis
CEO, The Live Group

Pierre MetraillerCEO, SpotMe

Xiaoyin QuFounder and CEO, Run The World

Ruby Sweeney
Experienced Event Consultant

Malgosia BartosikDeputy CEO, WindEurope

Julius Solaris
Ex Head of Engagement, SwapCard

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue
CEO, Eventful

Lizzie BroughHeySummit

Arielle Jordan
Marketing Events Manager, Symplicity Corporation

Íris Mjöll Gylfadóttir
General Manager, CHARGE

Michael Chaffe
CEO, Wolves Digital Summit

Jonathan Bradshaw
CEO, Meetology

Chris Carroll
CEO, The Eventful Group

Sami StruttHead of L&D, British and International Green Keepers Association

Ray Dargham
Co-Founder & CEO, Step

Sarah Vaughan
Events Manager, The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

Evnika PolovinkinaManaging Director, Globuc

Ray Bugg
Founder, DIGIT.FYI

Ross Stewart CampbellCEO, Fit Summit

Adam Perry
Co-Founder, EventTech Live

virtual events course

Carina BauerCEO, IMEX Group

virtual events course

Jan-Jaap In der MaurOwner, Masters in Moderation

virtual events course

Victor Cruz

virtual events course

Shirley Rhodes
Event Director, McCullough Moore


virtual events course

Kathryn Frankson
Director of Event Marketing, Informa

You will be supported every step of the way

This online training course is the most in-depth and thorough virtual events training course available.

virtual events online course

We will delve into the world of virtual events, including hybrid events, teasing out the best ways to create massive value from the digital content, connections and coverage we create.

We will cover all of the events that are taking place virtually, including webinars, virtual festivals, conferences, trade shows, awards dinners and fundraising events.

This virtual events online course is targeted at those who want to learn *all there is to know* about running virtual events.

With a trained eye on helping you to maximise the use, and the value of the digital content, connections and coverage we generate from running virtual events, you can guarantee:


Event support

Worksheets and templates

Connect with your peers

Transform your thinking

Stay at the cutting edge

Increase your profits

Lead the digital revolution


Choose the plan that works for you — payment plans at no additional cost available for all options.

virtual events online course

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Each module will take between 2hrs and 4hrs to complete.

virtual events online course

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